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ShapeUp Dashboard

UX Design • UI Design • Front-End Development

I designed the ShapeUp wellness dashboard from the ground up. With the goal of making the company more competitive in the marketplace and improving engagement with users, the design features daily guidance, individual progress displays, and a span of social features. I handled competitor analysis, UI/UX design, and front-end development.

Case Study

ShapeUp Mobile App

UX Design • UI Design

Redesign of the ShapeUp app, which tracks activity and progress towards health goals. The app also allows users to view challenges, post messages and photos, and comment on daily activity.

ShapeUp Web Platform

UX Design • UI Design

ShapeUp is a corporate wellness program and social network focused on improving the health of large populations. I served as the solo and lead designer for the entire platform.


UX Design • UI Design

TradingJourney is a new product that allows market traders to create a trading plan. I led the UX design process by creating user profiles, user stories, user flows, and wireframes. Design and development of this product is currently in process.

Case Study

Resilience Mobile App

UX Design • UI Design

Resilience is a stress reduction program used in the workplace and at home. The app tracks stress patterns and provides resources and tools to improve participants resilience over time.


Web Design • Web Development

BullSource was a financial news blog and educational resource featuring commentary and forecasts from investors and economists known for accurately predicting the 2008 financial crisis.

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